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1 Worst: Gordon Ramsay. Without a doubt, the funniest example of someone struggling to deal with the heat is Gordon Ramsay. Despite the fact he's one of the greatest chefs in the world, who has traveled around the globe and tried countless different flavors, he was horrendous at dealing with the spice.

I can't even tell who's the worst.

17 Best And Worst Trends Of 2014. By Elizabeth Denton Published: Dec 16, 2014. As 2014 wraps up, take a look back at some of the coolest and most amazing trends—and the ones that made us all.

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Here are 17 of the worst ways celebrities have dumped other celebrities: 1. Matt Damon and Minnie Driver had been dating for a year when, during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, he said he.

The Celebrity With The Worst Private Jet CO2 Emissions Is Actually Taylor Swift And Kylie Jenner Hasn't Even Made The Top 10 While Taylor’s jets placed first on the list after putting out more CO2 emissions than over 1,000 average people, Kylie Jenner didn’t even make the top 10. Stephanie Soteriou BuzzFeed News Reporter.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images 3. "I'm a charter pilot. The biggest jerk, without question — Ben Affleck. To be fair, it was several years ago, and perhaps he's changed. But he was rude and.

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